Why Akshara?

  • What makes Akshara so special is the uniqueness with which it has mastered the art of imparting quality and international standard of education in Indian context and providing a conducive atmosphere for learning and development.
  • Your child is our priority at K.S.R.Akshara Academy.
  • Scientifically well researched and well planned curriculum.
  • Opportunities for learning within and outside the classroom, labs and play areas.
  • Arts, Crafts, Drama, Sports, Yoga, Robotics, Classical and Western Music and Dance made available to Aksharites during class hours.
  • Well trained teachers equipped with the right skills to facilitate learning within the CBSE syllabus.
  • Exceptional digitalized library and Smart classrooms.
  • Transport facilities to all the areas.
  • Hi-tech Hostel facilities and Hygienic lunch and snacks (Day boarding).
  • Hygienic lunch and snacks (Day boarding).
  • Intramural Healthy competitions are organized in all the grades.
  • Bulbul & Cubs, Scouts and guides.
  • Educational fieldtrips to gain everlasting experiences.
  • Innovative Science experiments to enrich scientific facts.

Integrated Development

As the world moves with unpredictable pace presenting quality competitions everywhere around us, it is mandatory for our children to attain integrated development to be competent and lead fulfilling lives. Akshara is concerned about instilling life skills, optimistic attitude, leadership qualities and social responsibility. In Akshara we have meticulously designed our school programmes to cater to the physiological, psychological, cognitive, sociological and spiritual needs of the children entrusted to us.


The teachers in Akshara are the building blocks of the excellent educational environment exhibiting their innate potential in their respective areas and displaying great passion for teaching and learning incessantly. They are student proficient, friendly, approachable, vibrant and students themselves in being inquisitive to get to know new things which will be useful for their students. They undergo periodical training programmes to sharpen their skills of teaching and adhere to the changing trends in teaching-learning methods.