Holistic Learning

Children who access holistic learning – learning through every experience, space and situation, in an atmosphere that respects them, have experienced several developmental gains in comparison to their peers who are put through mechanical ROTE learning-limited to the examinations and not truly focused on the challenges of life.

The curriculum model in Akshara has been carefully researched and planned to help every child experience learning holistically.

Akshara’s Kindergarten section help students develop essential skills through the Multi-Domain system. The eight Domains of Development focused are:

  • Physical & Gross Motor.
  • Sensory.
  • Fine Motor.
  • Language.
  • Social.
  • Emotional.
  • Self help.
  • Cognition.

Each of these domains has a set of sub skills that are important in the process of learning. Only when each of these areas is well stimulated towards development the child truly enjoys learning and excels on every task. In addition to this our Aksharites in the KG sections will learn the three R’s: Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic through lessons and activities designed to bring out the very best in each child.

In the primary sections students undergo a specific English proficiency programme. Since English is not our Mother Tongue it is important for children to learn English as a Language and not as a Subject in school. While learning English as a language, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will be effectively stimulated.

Secondary Class

In Akshara’s secondary classes, NCERT curriculum is followed. Akshara’s classrooms provide a conducive environment to achieve long term goals and bring about productive learning. Our teaching methods incorporate group discussions, seminars, quizzes, e-search, PPT Presentation etc.

In addition to these specific programmes learning will be enhanced in our Laboratories’ for Mathematics, Science, Multimedia and Language. When children are allowed to experiment and to learn by doing they learn better, learn faster and retain more.