Experiential Learning


K.S.R. Akshara has spacious, well equipped, hi-tech and safe laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

A well furnished Math Lab is set up with innovative math kit.

A well-equipped computer lab with Wi-Fi facilities brings the world into our classroom.

The ambience stimulates & nurtures our budding scientists to use their knowledge with throbbing creativity beyond what books can teach them.


‘Reading makes a man perfect’

We have a spacious, digitalized and well furnished library with a collection of more than 5000 books which are housed as per their fields and students’ tastes of reading.

Smart Class

We have Smart class based learning right from KG for all the subjects. The Digital Teaching System (DTS) is the world’s first fully integrated Interactive system. The system broadens the choice of teaching tools available to the teacher. Teachers can use invaluable rich 3D Animations to bring abstract concepts into life. Creative and digitalized evaluation methodology ensures prompt and quick assessment.

Science Experiments

Science is learnt more clearly and tangible by experimentation & analytical thinking. In view of promoting scientific attitude and instilling research aptitude we organize special science activities which enable our students of secondary section to get aligned with the latest trends in science and technology.

Monuments And Heritage Sites

The British Council, UK, has made its presence in India by creating numerous opportunities for Indian students to engage with various international learning processes as part of the initiative to enhance the cultural relations between countries of the world.

Our school KSR Akshara Academy has registered with the British Council in order to bring in an extended dimension of internationalism in the school’s curricula. This learning initiative from Akshara Academy leads to the prestigious International School Award from the British Council.

Students from Akshara Academy undertook various activities under the International School Award Project. The project involved different events, courses, workshops, street plays, competitions, partnership with other schools, video lessons, digital resources and platforms. All the activities ensured skill, expertise, interaction, collaboration and innovation from the part of students.

Reminiscence with Monuments” is one such activity which comprises a webpage creation. The webpage of “Reminiscence with Monuments” requires exchange of data with other schools and posting information on famous monuments and heritage sites of India.

Hence it is highly desired that you post a piece of information you have about any monuments or heritage sites on this website for the purpose of exchange of data between different schools across the globe.